Recently, I was asked about my "passions" and while I consider myself a very passionate person, I had never really sat down, given it intentional thought, and come up with a list. So I took some time to ponder it and here are my thoughts.

As a vocational ministry leader, I’m passionate about: 

The Arts
Understanding that we were created in the image of a creative God, I have purposed to honor Him by communicating eternal Biblical truth through the Arts in worship. I’m most passionate in ministry environments where the use of creative gifts is celebrated and encouraged. Moreover, I’m also passionate about providing unique and unexpected opportunities for artists to use their gifts as acts of worship. At one of the churches where I served, there was a time when music was perceived to be the only artistic outlet so we established an art gallery, a dedicated space for visual artists. I'm also energized by the use of "surprisingly" creative elements in our corporate worship gatherings - the process of developing an idea, planning the details, and seeing it come to fruition.

Mentoring and Team Building
There are few experiences more rewarding for me than seeing an individual or team I’ve mentored succeed and find fulfillment in leading. Some of the individuals I’ve mentored have even gone on to their own vocational ministry positions. I’m also extremely passionate about building, developing, and maturing teams that can have a significant ministry impact. 

Healthy Leadership
I’m passionate about both creating and serving in environments that embrace healthy leadership practices and empower others to lead out of their God-given design.

I’m passionate about serving in a church that embodies its values, pursues its vision unswervingly, and is ever-increasingly engaged with God both emotionally and intellectually. I value a church with a clearly understood identity/culture and find fulfillment in being a part of a missional ministry that is keenly aware of its role in something much bigger than itself.

The Empty Chair
I believe that God is using the Church to bring hope to the world and part of its mission is to reach those who are far from Him with the life-changing Gospel message. I’m always mindful of the church chair that doesn’t have a person in it yet. It motivates me to live a life of contagious faith and craft meaningful worship experiences that encourage, inspire, and challenge people in their walk with God.

The Greater Christian Community
I’ve been blessed with several opportunities to serve the Church outside of our local body and love when God presents these opportunities.

As a husband and father, I’m passionate about:

Through our own international adoption journey, our hearts have been enlarged to the plight of the orphan in our world and we’re burdened by the Biblical call to care for orphans and widows in their distress. My wife helped to establish and lead an orphan care and adoption ministry and we enjoy connecting with others who share this passion.

Marriage & Family
Angie and I are committed to the preservation of a healthy marriage. We believe that our relationship is second only to our personal relationship with Christ and seek to align our priorities accordingly. We’ve also discovered the joy of being parents and are passionate about our life as a family.

New Experiences
The longer we live, the more Angie and I come to appreciate experiences which broaden our perspective, enlarge our hearts, and give us a deeper appreciation for the arts, the world, or any number of other things. Together, we’re passionate about discovering (and embracing) all that life has to offer and naturally gravitate toward new experiences.

Because it’s easy to take life too seriously sometimes, we like to have fun! We love to laugh, entertain friends, be tourists in our own town, and enjoy finding amusement in the altogether ordinary.