Recently, I heard someone use the term "worship practice" when referring to a music rehearsal. At the time, I wasn't sure why it didn't settle right with me but I began to process through it and now understand why it bugged me so much.

We don't practice "worship." We practice music (that helps people to connect with God during a corporate worship gathering).

All of life is meant to be "worship practice" isn't it? We're called to live lives that are fully surrendered to God and honor Him in everything we do. The idea of whole-life worship isn't foreign and most worship leaders will quickly point to Romans 12 to support the concept. I subscribe to it wholeheartedly and think that this existence on earth is all practice for what we'll experience when face-to-face with our God someday. But this definition of "worship practice" isn't what I heard.

There are a variety of forms that we use to enhance corporate worship gatherings and music is (probably most notably) one of them. (Side note: I'm a huge advocate for using a variety of artistic expressions to help our exceedingly diverse culture connect meaningfully with the heart of God as the Church gathers together to worship corporately.) But at my church, we don't have worship practice, we have music practice or worship team practice. We rehearse music as individuals and as a team in order to honor God by developing the skills that He gave us. We work diligently to be excellent in our craft because we believe that the generous God of our lives deserves nothing less.

I realize that in many ways, it's all semantics. Worship practice ... music practice ... who really cares? I do. I have worship practice for all 60 seconds of every 60 minutes of every 24 hours of every 365 days of every year of my life. And as much as I'd like to practice music that much too ...