Once upon a time, there was a tall, bald, middlebrained leader. He enjoyed writing, but was never particularly good at journaling. So he decided to start a blog. He used it as a place to share updates about his family or leadership lessons he was learning. He would use it as an outlet for processing opinions where he may have had a contrarian view. He would answer questions that had been asked of him by other leaders or people he was mentoring.

Somewhere along the way, people actually started reading what the tall, bald, middlebrained leader had to say and the foremost publication in his field included his blog as an Editor's Pick for "Best Blogs of 2014"


Then, in his infinite wisdom and inexhaustible brilliance, the tall, bald, middlebrained leader did something profound: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. He went full out Richard Simmons on his blog. He just quit writing and disappeared, right at the time when more people were paying attention to his blog than ever before.

It was the perfect storm of things really. The tall, bald, middlebrained leader had no idea that Worship Leader Magazine was going to choose his blog as an Editor's Pick that year. At the same time, he was moving into an executive role at his church. He was honored and humbled to have been asked. Yet, he was a little apprehensive about the weight of responsibility it would bring and knew that he'd be entering into a demanding season that required a lot of intentionality as he settled into the new role.

Weeks of not writing turned into months of not writing. Then months turned into a couple of years. The tall, bald, middlebrained leader was learning a lot, wanted to focus on doing his new job well, and didn't really feel like he had a lot to contribute to the cacophony of online church leadership opinion. He had always said he'd only blog if he had something to say and, for a season, he didn't have much he needed to say. 

Today, the tall, bald, middlebrained leader has more to say. So he redesigned his blog and migrated some of his most popular posts to the new site for posterity. He'll start from scratch and see if anybody pays attention, but it's not what motivates him. He just needs a place to process his thoughts again. It's been a busy couple of years and the tall, bald, middlebrained leader has learned a lot. 

Maybe this year, the tall, bald, middlebrained leader can be bestowed the honor of "remarkably inconsistent blogger."

Here we go ...

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